Odhisa TMT Price 8mm TMT 41450
Odhisa TMT Price TMT (12mm) 40150
Odhisa TMT Price 16mm TMT 40150
Odhisa TMT Price 20mm TMT 40150

Steel Information & Marketing System (SIMS)

Who We Are?

SIMS is a ISO 9001-2008 & Trade Mark Registered company.The Company is started in 2009 and Our Expert who has an experience of more than 15 years in dealing with Heavy Melting Scrap(HMS) and Rolling Materials.

Why Choose Us?

Our strong value system has brought us thus far and keeping us strong. Our organization is built upon certain core values such as: Honesty, Commitment, Learning, Achieving, Sharing & Social Responsibility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the largest network of people related to Steel at all levels; to build a platform where we can organize the world's Steel information and make it accessible and most useful to our customers and associates.

What we Do?

The company is dealing with materials like Heavy Melting Scrap, Light Melting Scrap, Black Bail Bundles, Blue Steel Scrap, Cast Iron Scrap, Rolling Material, Shredded Steel Scrap, Casting(Rolls), Steel Pipes, Billets,Iron Ore,Pig Iron Spong Iron,Girder,Patra,Angle,Channel,ERW Pipe & TMT Bars.

SIMS is also providing SMS SERVICE for CURRENT STEEL MARKET RATES of Ingot, Finished Goods, Alloys, Rolling Materials,Iron Ore,Spong Iron,Cast Iron,Commodity,Currency Rates,Gold,Sliver, Metals of cities like Mandi Gobindgarh, Raipur, Ghaziabad, Mujafar Nagar, Alang, Raigarh, Patna, Orrisa, Kalkatta, Mumbai. Indore, Pune, Hyderabad, Himanchal Pardesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Bhiwari, Durgapur, Nagpur etc. This SMS Service is provided to both Domestic and International clients. And each day company sends out 10 SMS(Total 25 SMS) for each Group to all the clients.

SIMS has already over 25000 clients both National and International and their number is continuously increasing by every day & to help them see the history of all the past rates we are updating Current rate in our official website.

SIMS has also started Charity work by providing FREE STATIONARY to needy students of various schools of Mandi Gobindgarh. And approximately 25,000 Stationay Sets have been donated so far. If you are related to Steel Industry: as a manufacturer or an exporter or a buyer, Steelmkts is the right place to get exact information on the existing prices in the market. Just punch in your mobile number and receive the latest prices daily!! Keeping a track was never so easy. Join us Now, through easy subscription facility, and avail membership benefits. We update the prices consistently, without fail, and give you the latest prices prevalent in the market. The information is offered for: Ingot, Scrap, 12mm plate/8 ANI, MS Billet, and Sponge Iron

We Believe

We believe information is the key for business organizations to have an edge over competition. And we acknowledge the importance of accurate and timely data. We have created a wide platform for buyers and sellers of Steel across the world and act as a strong link between them, making trade easy among them. The network and association grows each day we are in office.

Our Vision

To be the largest steel based Research Company in the world.

We Provide

Iron & Steel Prices by SMS
Market Views, Expert Comments
Latest Top News
Steel Reports
Commodity News/Pricies
Metal Prices
Archived Information
Prices and related updates /sentiments India /International
Shipping and Logistics Reports (Freight, Vessel line up, Railway freight)
Stock levels at different ports of India
Our Prospective Clients Include
Owners and Senior managers at steel manufacturing companies
Traders (Steel, Coal, Scrap, and iron ore)
Exporters/ Importers
Research companies
Chartering Companies
Logistics Companies

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