Iron Scrap Price Kanpur 28500
Iron Scrap Price Mujaffarnagar 29400
Iron Scrap Price Mumbai 26200
Iron Scrap Price Indore (Old Scrap) 25500
Fridges, detergent, toilet paper: 'There's a ton of consumer goods on that list' You'd best stock up on toiler paper before Sunday. Shoppers should brace for price hikes at the checkout counter because of the escalating trade war between Canada and United States, according to a Saskatchewan economics expert. Steel companies like Regina's Evraz also stand to take a hit during the tit-for-tat trade tiff, added Jason Childs, an associate professor in economics at the University of Regina. 10- and 25-per-cent tariffs The Canadian government announced a revised list of American imports into Canada that will be slapped with 10- or 25-per-cent tariffs starting on Sunday. It's a direct response to tariffs imposed by the United States on similar Canadian products one month ago. Liberals unveil final list of U.S. products to be hit with tariffs Read the full list of U.S. products hit with Canadian tariffs here "There's a ton of consumer goods on that list and that's going to be where we feel the impacts right away," said Childs. He rattled off some items on Canada's list that he said will get pricier. "Appliances right off the hop. Househould appliances. Dishwashers, fridges, that kind of stuff, are going to go up. Dishwasher detergent is on the list. Ferrols for pencil erasers are on the list." Lower-income people will be hardest hit, Childs said. "Looking at a lot of these products, these are items that are up and down the income spectrum. But trade wars have disproportionate effects on those lower on the income spectrum." Childs says the latest major trade war between Canada and the United States was in the 1930s. Source-
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