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US Steel gets greedy with contract proposal at Granite City works STL Today reported that the imbalance of economic power in the form of booming profits and stagnating wages is playing out locally between US Steel Granite City Works and its 16,000 United Steelworker employees. This year's much-celebrated GOP corporate tax breaks promised earnings would be passed down to workers in the form of bigger paychecks. US Steel is proving that the trickle-down effect is always trumped by greed.The company has proposed a staggering seven-year contract that does not increase wages over the final four years, eliminates paying overtime after eight hours in a day, and attacks almost every benefit that United Steelworkers members have worked for 70 years to achieve, including health insurance and pensions. They're trying to buy a long-term cheap deal with upfront signing bonus money to distract workers from the long-term costs.United Steelworkers members' sacrificed wage increases during the past three years when the industry was challenged by illegally dumped steel into the U.S. market. It was a sacrifice they found necessary at the time. Top management, however, paid themselves more than $50 million in bonuses during the same challenging period.The appreciation United Steelworkers members expressed for the Granite City Works restart after a 24-month layoff cannot be overstated. To exploit members who relentlessly advocated for the steel industry on every government level is akin to punching a friend in the face after he finished sandbagging your house, saving it from the flood. Source-steelguru.com
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